ASK Pravi Capital Advisors Private Limited ("ASK Pravi") is a private equity investment advisory firm. ASK Pravi is a joint venture between ASK Group and Pravi Capital, a unique combination of a wealth management and advisory services institution with an experienced entrepreneurial investment management team.

ASK Group

ASK Group has over 30 years of history of building successful wealth management and advisory services businesses and has assets under management/advisement of about $4.1 billion in equities and real estate.

PRAVI Capital

Pravi Capital brings partners who have experience in full cycle private equity investments

ASK Pravi focuses on investments in lower mid-market companies which benefit from domestic consumption growth in India. We target private equity transactions involving significant minority or controlling stakes in growth capital situations. We pursue an "Active Investing" approach. Along with our Investment Team, we have an Operating Team with over 200 years of cumulative experience in industry.

ASK Pravi is the Investment Manager for ASK Pravi Private Equity Opportunities Fund.